Time to say goodby

After Lovah isn’t interest in the Project anymore and i dont want to host a server with no perspective and a main leader,

i use the last option shut the Server down.

If anyone wants to continue the project you can write me a E-Mail to admin[AT]chrometech.at (This person can have the last backup 32GB! and the domain)

I hope you find a nice new server or a new game and i wish you all good hollidays and a wonderfull new year 2017.

The last time yours,



(Domain run’s out 2017-03-24)

Server Update to 1.10 and new Lobby

After a long while i take some time and updated the Server to the newest version,
also i implemented a new Lobby where everyone from the U-C-L Network can see each other.

You can join the Lovahscompany Server with the command…
/server Pure-Vanilla
… and can user the global chat with…
/g <message>

Have Fun

The Gaming Servers

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